Spray Foam Roofing & Roof Coatings

Imagine a roofing system that can help prevent leaks and at the same time, help you reduce your energy bills. This is our specialty.

Using quality roofing products, we provide the building owner a comprehensive, easy to implement solution against common roof problems and wasted energy. Replacing your roof may not always stop a leak or help reduce energy costs, but a roofing system installed by Smart Foam can.

Our spray foam insulation has some of the best R-value ratings in the industry and when coupled with our roof coatings, they offer a complete seal of your building envelope. This ensures energy-efficiency and savings throughout the year. Our spray foam and roofing coatings system installations can be applied to either existing or new construction to prevent leaks and preserve the existing substrate. These state-of-the-art systems help prevent premature degradation, ensure waterproofing, and aid energy efficiency.

We Offer Free Roof Evaluations & Estimates

Yes, we are ready to inspect your roof, assess your roofing needs, and give you a FREE estimate on the professional installation of one of our quality roofing systems – all with no cost or obligation for you.

Smart Foam Inc.

Smart Foam Inc.